Los Mercados, Mexico City

Mexico City is bursting at the seams. It is a pulsating collection of humans, animals, commerce, expansion, art, and hope. Every day hundreds of people move to the city for a chance at a better future and every day it is getting a little wider and a little tighter. But not all of the people who cross over its boundary lines are there to stay.

Woven throughout the heart of the Distrito Federal is a group which passes through the city’s borders every week, people who are key to sustaining life in the city. These are the people that work in the mercados. The mercados of Mexico City act as the central arteries of the capital, constantly moving food and supplies in from the countryside and out into the city, and moving money back into the land. Without them, Mexico City would not eat.Without them, the farmers in the countryside could not survive.

The mercados of Mexico City represent a very intricate intersection of the city society and farming life, creating one of the only spaces where people from both cultures interact.

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