Design Thinking & The Natural World, Workshop + Zine

Over the last two years, as people were forced more than ever before to retreat from community spaces and onto computers, they began searching for new ways to engage safely with the world beyond screens. Through this rewriting of spacial engagement, many found solace and inspiration in the beauty and peace of the natural world. From evening walks to backyard birding to camping, fishing and hiking, engagement with the outdoors has reached new heights.

While biomimicry has long inspired designers to look to their environments for inspiration, how can we as designers intentionally build space to allow ourselves to engage with the natural world?

As a part of DC Design Week 2022, I pitched, co-created and co-led a design thinking workshop with the Interactive Designer Megan Lewin-Smith. At the event, we guided participants through biomimicry and permaculture design principles. We then put those concepts into practice by facilitating activities that employed nature-inspired design thinking, observing those concepts at work in the natural environment. Every person at the workshop received a specially-designed, interactive zine to further inspire their biomimicry skills.